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If you’re planning your wedding on a budget, then Dollarwise can help. Are you a soon-to-be bride who is constantly inspired by Pinterest wedding décor, but you don’t quite have the money to buy up all those Pinterest ideas? At Dollarwise we can help you can make timeless wedding pieces and trendy decorations while saving money. We also love sharing tons of DIY wedding ideas — especially ideas that can be achieved using dollar store supplies. So check out some of our top suggestions for a DIY Dream Wedding.

1 - Decorated Vases & Jars

One of our favourite best-kept secrets is decorated glass vases and jars. No matter your colour theme or wedding style, glass vases and jars can be easily transformed to give life to your wedding aisles, buffet tables and reception tables. These you can start by wrapping the opening of your clear glass jar with twine and secure that in place by tying in a knot and adding glue. Next, fill the jar at least halfway full with accent gems, rocks, sand, or marbles. To finalize the look, insert real or faux flowers that compliment your colour scheme. Alternatively, why not paint the outside of your glass jars to match your wedding color scheme? You can add solid colors, a pattern, or distress them. Create as many of these arrangements as you need and consider adding them to any one of your tables, or hanging them on chairs along your ceremony aisles.

2 - Table Candleholders

Brides-to-be can also turn clear glass jars into ready-made DIY table candleholders by inserting a flickering LED tealight candle on the inside of the jar lid. To do so, secure the jar back onto the lid, and then finish off the look with a ribbon or twine bow wrapped around the base. These candleholders can easily be added to cocktail tables and reception tables for a subtle and romantic ambiance.

3 - Distressed Frames

If not decorated jars, why not add rustic and distressed frames to put pictures of the bride and groom, or table setting numbers. This rustic addition is a timeless style that you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve. Just drop by Dollarwise, pick up a few wide border frames, paint, paint brushes, sand paper or larger nail files, and wash cloths — and get ready to create. With a few bucks for each frame, you can give your entire wedding a whole new look. Start by carefully removing the glass and backing from your picture frame and set it aside. Then set your frame on top of a paper towel and begin adding one or two coats of paint using your paint brush. Once you’re done, allow the frame to dry for at least three hours. Next, use a nail file or sand paper to rub off some of the paint to achieve the distressed look you want. You can add as many, or as little distressed spots as you like. Once you’ve completed this step, wipe the frame with a damp cloth, replace the glass, insert your photograph, and secure the backing to present and display your image.

4 - Champagne Glasses

Next up are hand crafted wine or champagne stem glasses to add to your cake table decor and have as a keepsake after the big day. Not to mention — you can both take a sip from this glass set while making your reception toasts on the big day! These wedding gown and tuxedo glasses are also perfect as an engagement party, bridal shower, or wedding present. To make these embellished glasses, you will need these Dollarwise supplies: 2 wine or champagne glasses, white Tulle or deco mesh, black paint, paint brushes, scissors, glue, and either sequins or gems.

5 - Bride and Groom Glasses

To make the groom’s glass begin by painting the stem of the wine or champagne glass black. Using a small paint brush, paint on a coordinating black bow tie above the stem on the wine glass and allow the product to dry for one hour. To complete the look, be sure to glue on a sequin or gem to the middle of the bow tie. To make the bride’s glass, cut out six to eight 5″ strips of white tulle or deco mesh and loop tie each strip to the glass stem. Be sure to layer these strips one on top of the other and spread them out to give the impression of a wedding dress. Continue this step until at least ¾ of the stem is covered, and be sure to cut any excess tulle or deco mesh with scissors. To complete this look, add additional sequins or gems to the tulle skirt, or leave as is.

Great Savings At Dollarwise

All of these ideas are not just fun and fancy, but they are super easy to make, require little to no artistic ability, and are especially cost effective. Getting married is an expensive affair, but with the help of Dollarwise, not all parts of the planning have to hurt your pocketbook.