Dollarwise home decor ideas

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Designer decor doesn't require you to pay an arm and a leg! All it takes is a little imagination, a crafty attitude, and a trip to Dollarwise to create decor for around the house that you'd expect to find in a magazine! Consider these ideas with Dollarwise:

1- Rustic Feel With Mason Jar Vase

Dollarwise has an extensive selection of glass kitchen wear that you can use in any area of the home! 

If you're in need of a vase, and going for a rustic warm feel for the home, consider purchasing a large mason jar at Dollarwise! Cheaper than a purpose-built vase at a designer store, and more beautiful, putting flowers or decorations in a Dollarwise mason jar is sure to compliment any aesthetic. Simple, cheap, and achingly beautiful; don't be afraid to get crafty!

2- Personalized Party Wine Glasses

It's an age-old struggle, you invite friends over for a few drinks, and wine glasses get mixed up!

A great way to get around this, and compliment the aesthetics of any occasion, is to custom-decorate Dollarwise wine glasses! Painting and drawing figures and symbols that reflect the character of your guests is a great way to ensure your party is never forgotten, especially if you let your guests take them home as a keep-sake!

3 - DIY Chip and Dip Bowl

Serving chips and dip? Consider purchasing a large bowl and martini glass for this perfect addition to any party.

4 - 'Crystal Ball' Decoration

A beautiful decoration for anywhere around the house, this little 'crystal ball' trick is an easy way to add a certain 'pop' to any space in the home.

Head to our craft section to grab a few Styrofoam balls. Be sure to grab some hot glue and a glue-gun if needed while you're here. Then head to our pet section and find some glass aquarium beads in the colors of your choice!

When you get home, simply dab some glue to the back of each bead, stick it on the Styrofoam ball, and in minutes you'll have a crystal sphere that would cost you 10X as much anywhere else!

5 - Beautiful Charging Station

Phones can be a nuisance! They always need charging, and they always seem to be getting lost!

Take care of two birds with one stone by heading to to office organization section at your nearest Dollarwise and picking up an organizational basket and some fabric markers!

Once you get home, decorate your basket as you see fit, and place it somewhere nice near an outlet! Run phone charger cables through the small hand-hold, and always have a beautiful place to store and charge your phone at home!

The Best Prices At Dollarwise

Designer decoration doesn't require designer store prices! With a crafty attitude, and a quick trip to your nearest Dollarwise, beautiful decorations can be made for less than anywhere else in Barbados!