Do You Have Empty Mason Jars Lying Around? Here’s 5 Creative Ways to Put Them to Good Use!

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Have you ever looked around your kitchen or home lately and realized you have empty mason jars lying around? Well Dollarwise has you covered; here’s 5 creative ways to use your mason jars in different ways around the house. These mason jars will become your favorite lunch container, be your favorite kitchen organizer and will become your kid’s favorite pencil holder. Try these creative multi-use mason jars today!

Flower Vase

Using a mason jar as a flower vase is a creative and cute way to store your flowers. You can easily decorate these mason jars with craft supplies from Dollarwise to match your kitchen décor or match any party you may be hosting in the future. These flower vases also look beautiful as a centrepiece for special dinners. This mason jar craft can be fun to do with your kids as well and will keep them busy all afternoon.

Uncooked Pasta and Rice Holders

Want to easily store your rice, pasta, or beans on your kitchen counters but don’t like the look of the boxes? Well storing these dry foods in mason jars can create a cute décor for your kitchen. Label each mason jar with the food that’s inside and set it aside on your kitchen counter. The food will be easily accessible when you’re cooking dinner and the mason jars will ensure the food isn’t an eyesore. You can also do this for nuts and seeds, sugar and flour, or any other food items you wish! Decorate these mason jars as desired to match your kitchen. Happy cooking!

Lunch Containers

Using mason jars as a lunch container is a hip and eco friendly way to pack your lunch for the day. Mason jars make it easy to pack salads, fruits, veggies, yogurt, granola, and so much more. The glass container and tight lid ensure that the food doesn’t spill and the large container allows you to store the perfect amount of food. The tight lid is also good if you want to shake the contents to mix up the lunch that’s inside; perfect for mixing salad dressing on your salad. The mason jars can also be easily stored in a bag so it’s easy to bring to work or school.

Desk Organizer

Mason jars can be perfect for storing pencils, crayons, markers, and any other craft/ school supplies your kids might have lying around. These mason jar organizers will ensure that your kid’s homework area stays clean and tidy. You can also use them on your desk at work or at home to keep everything organized and easily accessible. You can decorate the mason jars as desired to match any room in your house! Stay organized with Dollarwise and make these mason jar desk organizers today!

Mason Jar Candle Holders

Another way to use these mason jars is as lanterns. All you have to do is put candles inside the mason jar to light up any room! Buy small candles or lights and place them inside the mason jar. The glow from the candle or lights will fill the jar and will look beautiful inside your house or outside in the backyard. You can also decorate the mason jars as desired to match your house décor. Decorating the mason jars will be a fun activity to do with your kids. Happy decorating!

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