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Planning a wedding can be incredibly pricey. Before you know it, your budget can whirl out of control as you purchase all the items that you need to bring your special day to life. While the wedding industry can be an expensive one. your wedding does not have to be so financially extravagant that you lose control of your finances. At Dollarwise, we know that the best way to ensure that you stay within your budgetary numbers is to carefully assess where you can save a few bucks while also not sacrificing style and beauty. The easiest way to do this is seeking out great DIY ideas and inspiration that will allow you to create wedding magic using only dollar-store supplies.

One of our favourite best-kept secrets in order to create affordable, Pinterest-worthy wedding décor is by using glass jars in a variety of settings and designs in order to cater to your wedding style, colour and theme. Our below suggestions can be used as part of wedding aisle decor, as well as additions to buffet and reception tables. Here’s how to get that perfect glass jar look for your special day (with Dollarwise tools!):

Hanging Jars

Begin by wrapping the opening of your glass jar with a coloured twine that you can pick up your local Dollarwise location. Be sure to secure the twine by either tying it in a knot or by securing with glue. Add an extra strand of twine and loop it from one side of the wrapped opening to the other, and then tie it in place with a knot on each side. To give the jar extra flare, consider adding colourful gems, rocks, sand, or marbles at least to the halfway point. Complete the jar’s look by adding real or fake flowers. You can repeat this technique for as many times as you need. These stylish and cost-effective pieces can be used as table arrangements or along the ceremony aisles to guide guests down the path to the front of the reception.

Tealight Candleholders

Even if you aren’t particularly craft inclined, you will definitely enjoy this DIY option. Why not make candleholders using glass jars by merely turning them upside down? Once you flip the jar over, be sure to insert an LED tea light candle inside and secure it to the inside of the jar lid by using glue or tape. To add some flare to the piece, you can complete your tealight delight by finishing it off with a ribbon or twine wrapped in the shape of a bow around the base. These designs are simple ways to bring light to your cocktail tables or reception tables — particularly those spaces that might need a little bit more glow after the lights have been dimmed low for the evening’s events.

Glass Jars with a Painter's Touch

Begin by painting the outside of your glass jars the exact same colour as your wedding decor theme. You can keep to solid colours — or alternatively, you can also opt to add a pattern, or sparkles to the paint, or you can even distress the colour to add texture. Once you have let the paint dry, you might consider adding ribbon in the shape of a bow around the top of the jar. After you have finished the assembly, you can complete the look of your painted jar by adding faux or real flowers that fit your colour scheme. The added bonus of this DIY technique is that once you have painted the outside of your jars, you can hide any jar fillers, the base of the flowers, or a sponge to hold water for real flowers. This means that you don’t necessarily need to give a finishing or perfecting look to the inside of the jar!

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