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On a relaxing weekend, every group of friends and family loves a good games night that has plenty of game variety and many opportunities to win first place. Games nights are perfect opportunities to relax after a hard work week, and kick back with your peers in a little friendly competition. Whether it’s board games, cards, physical activity options, video games, or arcade variety games — all these options give players great moments to test out their skills, engage in friendly competition, and have a great evening with people that they love spending time with.

At Dollarwise, we have the perfect suggestion for perfecting your games night with a special DIY option: a foosball table. This is a great game option for adults and children alike — and our DIY version is especially great for children because of its size and easy playability. It’s an even better game choice if you need to bring it to a host’s home because its size makes it quite portable and easy to pack up and bring along.

But you might be thinking: how can I make my own table in an inexpensive way, and wouldn’t it just be a better idea to purchase an authentic table? While you could do that, we have the perfect suggestion for how you make a foosball table without spending all of your hard-earned dollars. All you will need to do this is: a shoe box, straws, and clothespins. Lucky for you, all of these items can be purchased on the cheap and are available at your local Dollarwise store. So here is what you need to do in order to assemble your foosball:

First, take a shoe box and remove the lid and tape off any opened edges that exist. Second, use a serrated knife in order to cut two 3×2″ sections where the player goals will enter on either end of the shoe box. Third, use that same knife’s tip to poke 3-4 joining holes on the box sides. These holes are necessary for the straws to stand firm. After making holes for your straws, be sure to insert them through the holes. Fourth, take green construction paper (which is intended to represent the turf of the playing field) and outline the size of the shoe box.

Then cut out the outline you have just drawn and place the construction paper inside of the shoe box. Fifth, use markers of different colour varieties to decorate each clothespin. These clothespins are different colours to represent the differing teams. Sixth, be sure to attach one to two clothespins per straw. These clothespins should be upside-down/inverted as they will be representing the kickers (players in the game). Finally, once all the pieces are assembled, toss a table tennis ball inside the box. At that point — it’s time for the games to begin, so be sure to place one player on each side of the box, and assign one color to each person playing.

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