DIY Door Decorations for Christmas Craft Makers

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The most exciting activity around the Christmas season is decorating. Whether it is as a family activity, or solo, decorating and assembling new Christmas decor does get everyone in the Christmas spirit. At Dollarwise, we know that decorating can be an expensive process if you have a lot of space to cover and get carried away by buying pricey decor or large Christmas pieces that can run up your shopping bill. This is why we recommend preparing your Christmas look ahead of time and putting some energy into DIY options.

One option is to outfit your front door with a welcoming a festive wreath with Christmas colours and cheer. These door decoration options are great because they can be used to create a captivating entrance, and get your guests in the Christmas mood. The bonus is that you can put together this lovely door addition by using Dollarwise products, household and outdoor items. And all for a very low cost! Here are two great options and all the items you will need to bring them to life.

Festive Green Wreath

Are you looking to make a Christmas wreath that showcases the beauty of the outdoors? Then consider weaving together evergreens, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, and holly berries into a beautiful piece that you can use to welcome your Christmas guests for the season. First, cut and arrange greenery that you collect from your backyard or nearby park in a wire wreath frame that you can purchase at your local Dollarwise. You should also secure all the items with green string so as to camouflage the string in your greenery.

Second, arrange and glue pine cones, cinnamon sticks and holly berries that you can find outdoors (or purchase) using a hot glue gun and glue sticks. Next, weave a set of white or coloured string lights through the wreath. Be sure to hide the battery switch in the back of the wire form so that it is not visible. Finally, once all the items have dried, hang your wreath up on your front door and switch on the lights once the evening comes. Not only will your guests love the welcoming decor, but they will likely enjoy the fresh forest look as well as the sweet smell of cinnamon and pine greenery. Those scents are sure to remind them of the holiday.

Christmas Stocking Wreath

One of the best things about Christmas is keeping warm close by the fire in your fuzzy socks. Another great use of for those Christmas socks is to make a DIY Christmas wreath using great outdoor embellishments such as evergreen, winter holly berries, and pine cones, and bright holiday colours. Dollarwise buyers love this holiday staple because its incorporates great materials of the season, and that it brings great joy to every guest that enters their front door. An added bonus is that this DIY project is easy to make, quick to put together, and it doesn’t require any complicated gluing or adhering together. Simple twisting and tying will get the job done.

First, you will need to wrap your sock around a wire wreath frame that you can purchase in your local Dollarwise location. You will then need to secure your sock with a knot. This step needs to be repeated consistently (be sure to purchase approximately 16-20 socks in order to complete the wreath) in order to completely cover the entire wreath frame.Second, cut and insert winter greenery stems into the folds of socks. Finally, like the festive green wreath, be sure to hang your Christmas sock wreath on your front door, and watch as your guests enjoy its warming welcome.

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