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At Dollarwise, we have a wide selection of glass decorations. Vases of different shapes and sizes, mason jars, even cups and mugs. For a unique decorative edge, all it takes is a few minutes and some acrylic paint to make a unique decoration for around the house! Simply pour a fair amount of paint into the glass object of your choosing, and with a paint brush ensure that it covers the entire internal area. Make sure you don’t let the paint drip to the outside, and you can guarantee a beautiful sheen! For only a few dollars, this process can create for you a decoration that would cost 10x that at a big-box store!


With the same paint you bought for your vase, you ought to also consider decorating artificial fruit from Dollarwise! With a little glue and some glitter, you can add an aesthetic pop to any space. Colorful, sparking fruit goes a long way to fill empty spaces and contribute to the aesthetics of a room.


The great thing about DIY decorations is the fact that they are capable of providing an enjoyable experience for the whole family. Bring the kids to Dollarwise when you come to choose your decorations, and devote an afternoon to allowing everyone to make arts and crafts that reflect their own personal nature! Not only does this make a fun and enjoyable afternoon for the whole family, but the end product of a days work is a beautiful home that demonstrates the unique character of every family member, and the family as a whole! Decorate the kitchen, living room, bedrooms; any and every space can be inexpensively, beautifully, and uniquely decorated with the right amount of creativity and a trip to Dollarwise.


When it comes to decorating the home, the only thing you truly need to create the spaces of your dreams is creativity, materials, and time to combine them in new and interesting ways. Next time you’re looking to decorate the house, all it takes is spending a few minutes perusing the aisles of Dollarwise and and afternoon with the family to save money, have a great time, and improve the look of your home!