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Having a baby can be an exciting adventure, especially when first building your little family. Not only do you get to put together baby announcements and take pregnancy photos, but you get to shop for all the special items needed to welcome your bundle of joy. One of the most important moments to collect your baby welcoming package, is your baby shower. Whether you are planning your baby’s special event on your own, or with the help of family and friends, we’ve got some great tips on how you can plan your event on budget but without sacrificing style.

First, we suggest ditching the same-old baby shower games and activities in favour of unique and fun ideas that you can accomplish on a small budget using items located at your local Dollarwise. No matter how big or small your guest list, or how lavish or low-cost you are aiming for in terms of an event budget, we’ve got great baby shower suggestions. Believe it or not, Dollarwise is not only the perfect place to stock up on supplies for games. But you can also find great baby essentials there too! We’ve got all the bottles, pacifiers, bibs, baby wipes, and bath toys your mother-to-be heart desires. In the meantime, here are some baby shower suggestions:

Play-Doh® Baby-to-Be

Are you excited to see what your guests think your baby will look like? Why not set out containers of Play-Doh® in assorted colours as an activity so that your guests can make a unique baby? Place the small containers on a table, and once everyone has completed their model, let all your guests present their creations while the mother-to-be decides who the winner is!

Baby-Themed Quiz

At any event, it is always a great to test the knowledge of your guests. Before the baby shower, set aside time to create a game board that you can easily make using foam poster board and blue or pink embellishments (depending on whether your new child will be a girl or boy). Create three or four categories and label them on your board. Under each category write down one question on small card, number the outside of the cards with assigned points based on difficulty. Attach the cards to the game board using tape or glue, and be sure to attach them with the questions hidden. Once the party is in full effect, be sure to divide guests into two teams. Ask them to take turns choosing and answering questions. Once the game is over, tally up the scores and determine which team has won.

Guess Who’s Pregnant

Why not create a guessing game of a different nature: “Guess Who’s Pregnant?” Using wooden craft sticks, decorative craft tape, and markers — all of which you can pick up in the arts & crafts aisle—design faux pregnancy sticks by writing ‘negative’ signs on all of the sticks except for one. Be sure to mark one stick with a positive sign. Once you have finished, cover the signs with craft tape. At the baby shower, give each guest a stick with the mark hidden. Once everyone has their stick in hand, ask them to list the craft stick so that everyone can see their “test results.” The guest with a positive pregnancy test wins!

Diaper Messages

Looking to find a quirky way to collect personalized messages that you can later share with you child as they grow? How about making a diaper message memory! In order to create your masterpiece, get a fairly sizable stock of diapers, sticky notes, and markers. Ask each of your guests to write a special, encouraging or funny message for your child-to-be on a sticky note. Then place it directly on the outside of a diaper. The great thing about this game is that with every diaper change you will have a pleasant note to read and message to share with your baby!

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