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It might be a little overwhelming at the start when you think about every room in your house that may need some tidying. Don’t look at the big picture, take every room, every drawer or every closet one step at a time! Little by little you will start to feel better and you will start to see results. 

Taking care of your space and not letting clutter build up is the best way to stay organized and tidy. Decluttering can also keep your head clear and boost your productivity. The next few tips will not only help you stay clutter free, but they will also give you that extra motivation you may need to start as soon as possible!

Make a List

A list can be a great place to start for you to realize what you need to sort and declutter. Make a list of rooms that need your attention and then underneath the name of each room write down specific categories that need to be sorted through. For example, under kitchen, you could write down: appliances, kitchen supplies, pantry or spice cupboard. Under bedroom, you could write down: closet, drawers, kids toy, or desk space. Using this kind of list can keep you organized and there is nothing more satisfying than crossing something off your list!

Sort Through

Time to sort through your items and decide whether you really need them anymore. First, you can sort your items into piles, put items aside in a pile to keep, give away or throw out. Second, decide on any items that you can’t let go of and worry about organizing them later. Next, many items that you don’t want anymore may still be in good shape and could be used by others. Items such as extra kitchen supplies, grown out clothing, lightly used toys or even stored away furniture. Store them in cardboard boxes or bags and set them aside to give away. Lastly, many items may be broken, outdated, expired or worn out and should just be tossed out to make room for new items.

DIY Organizers

This tip calls on your creative side. These easy organization crafts can help sort everyday items from bathroom products, office supplies, clothing drawers or even your craft station! 

Use mason jars for smaller items and label them with paint, markers or even tape. By using mason jars you will add a classy look to any work station while staying organized and clutter free. 

Use old cereal boxes as organizers for your home office. You can cut the cereal boxes into different sizes and shapes and wrap them with wrapping paper or even paint. These decorated boxes can be used for paper, pencils, markers or other supplies you may have lying around. 

Use plastic containers or bins to sort out drawers. Instead of having everything thrown into one drawer, use different containers to sort out your items. This will save you so much time searching for that one item you need, especially when you are in a rush!

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