Dazzling Sunglasses DIY at Dollarwise

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With sunshine in never-ending supply here in Barbados, we have always got a year-round reason to pull out our most fashionable set of sunglasses to block the bright rays and protect our eyes. But with so many calendar days of sunlight, it can be pricey to keep a diverse and fashionable set of sunglasses in your collection — not to mention, where would you put them all even if you did have a sizeable set? Well, we’ve got some great DIY solutions for you that will help you give life to boring sunglasses, as well as some smart and cute storage ideas for your growing collection.

Giving Colorful Life to Boring Sunglasses

Do you ever look at the sunglasses you find in Barbados stores and wish you could find styles that are more colourful, flashy, or textured? Why not opt to dazzle a simple pair with the many craft supplies that Dollarwise provides? First, you’re going to need to pick up a number of plain coloured sunglasses at your local Dollarwise — we’ve got every colour and style that are currently in fashion at a price that is kind to your wallet. Next, peruse our craft isle where you will be able to find stringed pearls, cross-stitch design, paint, nail polish, seed beads, silk flowers, fake rhinestones and sharpies. Consider using paint, nail polish or sharpies to create geometrical designs on your sunglass arms — adhering stringed pearls, cross-stitch designs, silk flowers or fake rhinestones to the sunglass rims with regular white glue or hot glue. Each of these dynamic choices will help give your plainly coloured shades that necessary fashion boost! Now with your uniquely designed sunglasses you are ready to coordinate with any number of outfits and have everyone you encounter ask where you got those dazzling pieces of art!

Sunglass Hanger

Some folks some have such a big and beautiful sunglass collection that it deserves a display of its own in a special place in your home. Not to mention that your collection may be getting so out of hand that not only do you need a display, but organization that is in an easy-to-reach area. Designing a sunglass hanger will not only save you some space, but keeping them organized on the hanger helps prevent them from getting scratched. To accomplish this in a DIY style, consider visiting your local Dollarwise where we have all the tools you need to create an ideal sunglasses hanger! All you need is one hanger and colorful ribbon, both of which are in our aisles and available for as little as $1! Plus, you can put this simple idea together in literally seconds. First, tie a pretty bow with ribbon or deco mesh at the base of your hanger’s hook. Next, arrange your sunglasses in your preferred order by hooking them over the bottom of the hanger. Then hang your sunglasses hanger in your closet or by your front door all summer long where your sunglasses will be easy to access. Finally, fill up your hanger with as many sunglasses as possible, and if you’re looking to add more to your collection, we’ve got plenty of styles at Dollarwise.