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Keeping the car clean and organized can be a struggle, but it's made a lot easier when you have the right tools and systems in place. Find out how to keep the car tidy longer, and make cleaning easier, with these tips and tricks from Dollarwise!

1) Get a Cheap and Convenient Trash Can

Car design can be frustrating. Engineers think of places for your cups, but neglect to consider a place for the junk and trash that inevitably accumulates!

To avoid the inevitable accumulation of receipts, tissues, wrappers, and all manner of garbage inside your car; all it takes is buying a basket and garbage bags from Dollarwise!

Every car is different, so don't be afraid to wander our aisles in search of the right bin for your car! If traditional waste baskets aren't right for your vehicle, consider heading to our kitchen supply section to purchase a plastic cereal container instead. Purchasing one with a lid you can seal with prevent spillage in the event of sharp turns or heavy braking!

2) Save on Sponges, Rags, and Chamois

You can save massively on car cleaning when you choose to do it yourself, and you can save even more when you buy you car-cleaning materials for less at Dollarwise!

  • For windows and mirrors, you can't beat microfiber cloth for quality and ease of cleaning, and you can't get it for cheaper anywhere else! 
  • Dollarwise has a wide array of sponges and buckets, don't overspend by getting yours at Dollarwise.
  • You don't need expensive cloths to clean interior surfaces, and you can get all you need in our aisles!
  • Our all-purpose house cleaning sprays will work just as well as any 'purpose-built' car cleaner, but they certainly won't cost as much.

3) Replenish Your Car's First Aid Kit

It's always recommended to keep a stocked first-aid kit in the car at all times. You don't know when or where small accidents might happen to you or those around you, but with a first-aid kit with you wherever you go; you'll know what to do when they do!

Bandaids, gauze, disinfectant, tylenol. Anything you might need to supply or re-stock your cars first aid kit can be found with a short trip to Dollarwise! Ensure you never overpay on the things you need to treat inevitable cuts, scrapes, bruises, headaches, indigestion, and more by stocking up on medical supplies.

4) Air Freshener

Air freshener is a little touch that simply makes your car interior a wonderful place to be.

Dollarwise has a wide range of air fresheners available to suit any preference. Floral scents, vanilla, or even clean laundry, at Dollarwise you can be sure to find air fresheners for the car and home at the absolute best prices available in Barbados!

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