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Capturing your memories of family and friends is a daily job that you always have to be ready for — you never when you might capture that picture-perfect moment. But it’s also too often the case that we take so many pictures that we don’t know what to do with. Many of us simply opt to store them away in our phones, computers, and tablets. Unlike the past, nowadays so many of our photos are put on display electronic on social media.

At Dollarwise we have the perfect suggestion for displaying your memories for all to see — a DIY Frame that you can hang on one of the doors of your home (even your front door) or even the door to your office. This DIY frame-wreath will be the perfect way to generate a heart wearing feeling upon entrance. And if not your home, you can always craft a DIY frame-wreath to give away as a personalized gift for your loved ones that they can use to put their special memories in. 

After taking the time to craft up something extra special, especially something made with your own two hands, you are sure to find that those who receive it as a gift or see it in your home will appreciate it. So, what will you need to make this easy and affordable to create frame-wreath? You will need to drop by your local Dollarwise store to pick up: ribbon or burlap; a series of 2×3″ mini picture frames; a foam wreath form; faux flowers, bows, and embellishments; and hot glue sticks (that you will need to use alongside a hot glue gun which you will have to purchase elsewhere).

Be sure to keep in mind the theme and colour scheme of your home or office decor when selecting the elements of your frame-wreath in order that it can fit in seamlessly with your already existing decor.

You will first need to wrap your foam wreath form in ribbon or burlap and secure it in place with hot glue. Be sure to wrap your ribbon or burlap around in order to fill the entire wreath. Next, you will want to fill in your photo frames with special photographs of memories that you have shared with friends and family on those special holidays, events, and iconic life moments.

Once you have filled as many frames as you can fit on your wreath, hot glue the frames directly onto the wrapped wreath. Be sure to leave some room in between the frames to adorn the wreath with faux flowers and embellishments. The decorations can also be attached to the frame-wreath with hot glue. Once this is done, your frame-wreath is complete and all ready to enjoy and share!

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