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Once you’ve finished working for the week, it’s time to unwind with friends and family. You might be thinking that in order to have the best weekend party you would need to sit by a luxurious pool, with cool drinks in hand, and a to-order menu on deck. But we’re here to help you realize that you can still put together a great weekend party option that doesn’t hurt your budget. How will you do that might you ask? Here’s our four suggestions to throwing that perfect and inexpensive weekend party:

1 - Creative and Cost Effective Decorations

Why not recreate that dream in your backyard using colourful decoration options that you can easily find in your local Dollarwise aisle? We’ve got plenty of tropical options such as inflatable beach balls, and brightly coloured ribbons and balloons, and luau-themed decorations (including flower leis). And what about if your day-time party transitions into the evening? We’ve got a great array of candles (scented and non-scented) to brighten up your tables, and light torches to brighten up your walkways.

2 - Bright Drinkware and Serve-ware

Every good party has got to have its fair share of tasty drinks. Not only do cool and fruity beverages add flare to your food menu, but they are key to attracting great company. Whether you plan to barbecue, or just kick back with drinks and dancing, be sure to have an array of drinking options on deck. Drinks are one of the most important party accessories if it is your plan to keep your attendees in premiere relaxation mode. And what you serve your drinks in matters! Drop by Dollarwise to pick up an array of colourful cups (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), plastic trays, and linens. Once you do — you will be one step closer to making your weekend mixer a holiday dream into a reality.

3 - Grilling and Salad Must-Haves

Once you have your drinks, the next must have is food! Dollarwise is your one-stop shop for all your food utensils and condiments. Barbecuing? We’ve got any and all your necessary grill utensils, serving and foil trays, serving utensils, and paper plates. And don’t forget seasonings and condiments in our food aisles. Dollarwise has all your fixings and for an affordable price. We’ve also got great bowl options to hold cold and warm salads, and containers to hold burger and hot dog buns, drinks, and another party accessories.

4 - Don’t Forget to Protect Yourself!

In the event that your party does transition into the evening hours, be sure to have bug repellants on deck. You can purchase personal sprays for your guests, or also citronella candles to hang and place on your tables to prevent bug bites and having any of those pesky critters getting into your food, drinks and desserts.

The Best Prices At Dollarwise

No matter what you need for weekend get-togethers, you can find it for less by shopping at Dollarwise. For the lowest prices on everything for house and home in Barbados, be sure to visit the location nearest you.