5 MUST-BUY Dollarwise decoration essentials

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You don't have to spend big money to have a home that looks like it should be on the cover of a magazine. With the right materials, a little imagination, and a little bit of time and energy; the interior home aesthetic of your dreams is within your grasp! Consider the these 5 Dollarwise decoration essentials that can help you increase the beauty of your home!

1- Mason Jars

Glass mason jars are not only extremely functional, but they are able to turn any old storage into a beautiful aesthetic component of your home! In the kitchen, fill one with coffee beans, another with cheerios, and another with sugar. This removes bland packaging from your home, keeps things fresher, and turns regular-old storage into wonderful aesthetic additions to a space!

2- Picture Frames

Picture frames are a means by which you turn a house into a home. They serve to display moments, memories, and experiences from your past and that of your family that serve to ground you, as well as demonstrate to visitors the unique character of your family. When it comes to pictures around the home, the more the better!

At Dollarwise, you can find picture frames of all shapes and sizes for the lowest prices in all of Barbados. For the same money you might spend at other stores on only a few frames, you can walk home with all the picture frames you'll ever need!

3 - Storage Bins, Drawers, Compartments

Getting crafty is one of the best ways to increase the aesthetics of your home, but you work against the beauty of a space when you don't have a means to organize all your materials! After all, what's the point of beautiful decorations if your space is going to be a mess?!

The chaotic creativity of craft-making is helped when assisted by a system of order, and in this case, that's your craft organization! With the right bins, drawers, and storage compartments; not only will your space stay clean and orderly, but you'll always know where all your supplies are when you need them!

4 - Beads, String, Ribbon

Craft making staples; you simply cannot go wrong with an abundant supply of beads, string, and ribbon. Complimenting nearly every craft under the sun, having all manner of these available means that as soon as creativity hits, you won't be limited by materials!

5 - Paint

There are few crafts that cant be improved with a little bit of paint. Whether it's painting the inside of a mason jar, your picture frames, your storage system, or any of your arts and crafts; its always a great idea to have plenty of paint on-hand for when the urge to get crafty hits!

The Best Prices At Dollarwise

Having a home that ought to be on the cover of a magazine doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. It is within the abilities of anyone, with a little creativity and the right materials, to invest time and energy instead of just money into making their home their home. Next time your thinking about decorating the home, make sure you swing by Dollarwise to grab everything you need!