7 Ways to Use Ice Cube Trays at Dollarwise

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Ice cube trays. What are they good for? Why, ice, of course. But wait: there’s so much more! Those ice cube trays can be used in a whole variety of ways. An ice cube tray is great for making miniature desserts, storing things like herbs or stock for future use. They’re also useful for – duh – ice cubes… not just any ice cubes, mind you, but rather making unique ice cubes for cold drinks. Once whatever you're making is frozen, you can transfer the cubes to a Ziploc or other style freezer bag for storage in the freezer. Here are some of our favourite ideas.

1. Fancy Iced Tea or Iced Coffee? Make Ice Cubes with the Leftovers!

Who doesn’t love iced tea, iced coffee, lemonade or other cold, refreshing beverages? Well, now you needn’t throw away the leftovers. Instead, take what’s remaining and pour it into an ice cube tray. Next time you want that beverage, you’ll have ice cubes in that flavour. No more watered-down iced tea or iced coffee in your house. And your guests will be impressed!

2. Freeze Baby Food for Future Use

Baby food isn’t cheap. Nothing about babies is. But here’s a little shortcut that can help you save. Take the leftover baby food (either what you’ve bought, or, better yet, homemade) and freeze it in a (you guessed it) ice cube tray. Once it’s frozen solid, empty the cubes into a freezer bag. Then use it again whenever your baby is hungry.

3. Leftover Wine? Don't Throw It Down the Drain!

Have you ever opened up a bottle of wine, but couldn’t finish the whole thing? Well, no more worries about it going bad. Instead, freeze that wine! This way, you’ll have frozen wine cubes for later consumption – sangria, wine coolers, etc. Or you can cook with it!

4. Like to Cook with Stock? Freeze It!

Again, another great way to make the best of leftovers. How long will stock last in the refrigerator? Well, it will last a lot longer in the freezer (up to two months)! Chicken stock, beef, vegetable… you name it. Just freeze it, put the frozen cubes in a bag, and throw into the pot when your next recipe calls for stock!

5. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

These are quite a decadent dessert that your guests or family will love. You can enjoy them too! Simply follow the recipe from this link, and have a handy dessert in the freezer for your next special occasion.

6. Cookie Dough

Measuring out portions for homemade cookies? Well, it turns out that the individual slots in the ice cube tray are a pretty good measure of how much dough should go into each cookie. But wait, you say, why not ALSO use this one for freezing? Of course, why not indeed, that’s a great idea! Freeze the leftover dough for later baking… or, you know, for when you get a cookie dough craving. Mmmmmm…..

7. Leftover Sauce? No Problem: Freeze It!

Seeing a pattern here? You can freeze so many things for later use. And sauce is no exception. Don’t let that great sauce you just made go to waste. Instead, pour the leftovers onto a (yes, indeed!) ice cube tray; store in a freezer bag; and the next time you want that sauce, voila! It’s already made.

Always Save At Dollarwise

You’ve probably noticed that these ice cube tray tips are not only money savers, they’ll save you plenty of time as well.That’s what we’re all about at Dollarwise: Saving. So come on in to your local Dollarwise and check out our variety of ice cube trays. They’re great for ALL kinds of uses!