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Back to School time seems to go one of two ways these days. For a lot of families, it’s a stressful time, one filled with complaining about the end of summer holidays and worries over the upcoming school year. Folks in the know, however, have figured out methods to reduce that stress.

How? We’ve identified a couple of ways.

For starters, this is an opportunity to turn Back to School into a time of discovery, curiosity, looking forward, and love. Those pens and pencils are going to write all kinds of stories, allowing your children to engage their creative side. Crayons also, much in the same way, bring out that artistic streak in full colour. Erasers will help get rid of those little mistakes we might make along the way. Composition books? Well, those are literally a blank page, waiting for the day’s notes or a future tale to be written. Parents can take their children to the store with a feeling of anticipation, waiting to discover all the possibilities that are ahead of us.

And then there’s the stress of the expenses that can add up during Back to School time. But if you’re reading this, that means that you know all about the values that can be found at Dollarwise. You spend enough in other ways this time of year, buying the latest, greatest, biggest and hottest of this and that. Why not save where you can? At Dollarwise, we’ve got large swaths of your school supplies list covered – and with great prices in store.

1 - Pens and Pencils

We’ve got plentiful amounts of pens and pencils in store! Ready for your Back to School needs, pens and pencils come in all sorts of colors and styles. Mix ‘em up, buy sets of each, give a few to start with and hold some back for later on in the school year as well.

2 - Crayons

Remember the feeling you got when you opened a box of new crayons? The potential and possibility that those sharp, shiny crayons held? What would you draw with them? What kind of artistic endeavours would you create?

We’ve got assortments of crayons in store, here for your perusal during the Back to School season.

3 - Erasers

How many mistakes do we get to erase in life? As adults, not that many. But think back to your youth, all those times you had the creative leeway to make mistakes. It’s how you learned. It still is.

Erasers are among the many items we’ve got for your school supply needs. Get a handful whilst shopping for the other items on your list.

4 - Rulers

Measure twice, cut once. That’s the old adage, isn’t it? Rulers are an integral part of the Back to School inventory, great for geometry and other maths, but also nice for those creative endeavours when you just need a straight edge.

5 - Composition Books

Life is an open road. And blank pages are an empty space filled with all kinds of possibility. Composition books are a handy item to stock up on. Ideal for taking notes, composition books are also good for jotting down ideas, stories, thoughts and observations… or just doodling.

6 - Staplers

Put it all together with a stapler. We’ve got them in different sizes and colours. Staples, too, don’t forget to buy ample supply of those!

No matter what you need for house and home, you can find it for cheaper than anywhere else by shopping at Dollarwise. For the lowest prices on everything for domestic life in Barbados, be sure to visit the location nearest you.