5 Reasons to Add Potted Plants to your Home Decor!

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Happy March! 

       Let’s talk about home décor, your home is your space, a place to unwind after a long day or spend time with your family! Home décor can be anything from throw pillows, to painting and pictures. A growing trend today is adding potted plants around the house; on shelves, hangers, on   the floor or even as a centre piece. House plants are not just nice to look at, they can benefit your   health! Check out these amazing reasons to add plants to your home!

1. They Look Good

Adding plants to your living space adds colour, life, texture and depth, that a plain painting on the wall can’t. Plants are an amazing addition to any home, especially if you can’t have an outdoor garden. From your floors, to the ceilings, to the walls, you can add beautiful plants anywhere to turn your home into a garden oasis!

2. Breath Easier

Yes, you read right, plants have been known to help you breathe easier! This is how it works, plants take in the carbon dioxide that is released when breathe out and in return they release oxygen. Adding potted plants to your living space can increase oxygen levels, helping you breathe better.

3. They Purify the Air

Having plants around the house can actually purify the air around you. Plants remove toxins from the air creating a healthy environment. Plants help make sure the air you are breathing in is clean, fresh and toxin free!

4. They are Easy to Take Care Of

You may not have known this, but some indoor plants don’t need much looking after. Life can get so busy and looking after a plant might be the least of your worries. Many plants only need a little bit of water and sunlight to stay happy! Be sure to do your research before buying a certain plant, but you will be surprised by how many you can buy that will need little attention.

5. Make it Into a DIY

Time to get creative! The fifth and final reason you should add plants to your home décor is that there is so many opportunities to get creative with your pots. You can use whatever you’d like to decorate your pots. It can even be turned into a fun activity with the kids using finger paint and markers! Decorate them for your own plants or make them for a friend, a personalized potted plant can make an amazing house warming gift!

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