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If you’re planning on taking a solo or family trip to the beach in Barbados anytime soon, you might be looking for the latest secrets on how to better your experience and even save you a few bucks! Before you pack up, check out our list below of helpful beach hints that are made easier with a quick visit to your local Dollarwise. Our five tips will not only help you save a few extra bucks, but they will also help you keep clean, safe, healthy and well fed while taking in the natural beauty of our island. So what are our six recommended beach hacks?

1 - Hide Your Valuables in a Secret Hiding Spot

One of the main challenges of spending an uninterrupted afternoon at your local beach is the question of where to leave your valuables when you’re enjoying yourself. Our solution? First, we recommend leaving your wallet and key valuables at home. Try bringing with you only those items considered absolute necessities. This means cash, keys, IDs, and any other needed small valuables. But the question remains, where should you store these important items while you are in the water? A great option is to place your valuables in a water bottle (or any opaque bottle that has a wide opening). Before doing that, don’t forget to dump out the bottle’s liquid and thoroughly wash it out. Once the bottle is filled with your materials, then tuck it away in a place where others cannot find it so that you can enjoy the beach breeze!

2 - Soothe Sunburns Using Household Items

While some may love the sun, it’s not always the safest and you may have to find measures to protect yourself — especially if you burn easily. You can solve this potential problem by being ready in the event that you need quick relief. We have the perfect solution: aloe vera ice cubes. While it sounds like a silly idea, aloe vera is a perfect ingredient to soothe the outcomes of a sunburn. We recommend putting some aloe vera gel in an ice cube tray the night before your beach visit, and placing that tray in the freezer. Once frozen, you can use these cubes on burnt and scorched skin to fix a painful sunburn. These cubes are also great options for bites and stings as well if you are hanging out at the beach late into the evening. If not aloe vera gel ice cubes, you can also keep a tube toothpaste nearby — which you can find in one of our Dollarwise aisles.

3 - Balloons as Icepacks?

On a hot day, everyone appreciates an ice-cold drink on the beach. Instead of conventional ice cubes to keep your drinks fresh, why not use an alternate option that has multi-purposes? We recommend filling up small water balloons with water and freezing them overnight the night before your beach day. Once you’re ready to head to the beach the next morning, dump the water balloons in your cooler just as you would with ice and tuck your drinks over top along with any other snacks that you will need to keep cool. Once the frozen water balloons are no longer ice-cold, you can also find a second use out of them by placing them in the sun to melt. And voila! You and your family can use them to engage in a friendly water balloon fight!

4 - Keeping Clean at the Beach Using Plastic

Keeping clean at the beach can be a struggle especially when your wet skin touches the sand. That is why we recommend bringing a bottle of baby powder in your beach bag. Why, you ask? Baby powder can remove sticky and wet sand from your skin much easier than trying to brush it off with your hands. To get the best use of your baby powder, pour a small amount in your dry hands and rub it onto the areas of your sand-covered skin that you want clean. You might also consider bringing along some extra water for washing in a large recycled soap pump bottle.

5 - Waterproof Your Tech Gadgets

Our final suggestion is to protect all your gadgets when visiting the beach — especially those items that will be of little to no use if they come into contact with water or sand. In order to protect your phones, tablets and e-readers from harm, secure your devices by locking them up in a trusty zip lock bag. You will be happy to know that the added plastic won’t get in your way! In fact, you can still use the touchscreen even with the zip-lock bag over top!

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