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Cleanliness may be a virtue but it doesn’t have to involve intensive labour or plenty of dollars. Most of us desire a clean house, and some will go so far as to hire a professional cleaning service to get all of our belongings in a systematic and organized fashion. But there is no need to waste your valuable dollars if you’ve got great tips on how to keep your space thoroughly clean and by efficient methods. And if it’s quick shortcuts (both in terms of work and money) that you’re looking for, Dollarwise can help you achieve that professional look at a fraction of the cost.

1- Halt dirt at the source!

First off, do your best not to wear shoes in the house. This will exponentially reduce the filth trail and any excess liquid that gets trailed in from rain. You can ensure that all of these elements are kept to the doorway of your home by picking up a Dollarwise doormat to set in your front hallway.

2- Bust Dust with Dust Magnets

Are regular dust cloths not capturing all the dirt in your home adequately? We have two cheap and easy solutions. At Dollarwise you can pick up electrostatic cloths that attract dust like a magnet. At such an affordable price, you can afford to buy them in bulk, and attach them to an equally affordable dry or wet mop. These disposable cleaning sheets help you get in those hard to reach places and collect all the unwanted dust in your home. If you’re looking for an even cheaper solution, you can also opt to use dryer sheets. Customers are always surprised at how well these sheets also do the trick. Like electrostatic cloths, dryer sheets can also be run over your home floors to perform an initial dusting before you use your vacuum cleaner or mop to catch any additional unsettled debris. An added benefit and fun fact? Dryer sheets can also be run over light bulbs to increase brightness and the length of their use and last longer!

3 - Water Works

Why not clean your grimy shower while you’re still in it? If you’re looking to save some time, get in the shower, let your conditioning hair mask soak in, and get busy wiping your tiles down with either your Dollarwise shampoo or any liquid soaps that you find in our cleaning aisle. Both of these products prevent water marks from building up.

4 - Soak It

We like to live by this general rule: don’t scrub what you can soak. Drop by our cleaning supplies aisle for paper towel and then soak it with a mixture of baking soda (which we’ve also got!) and 4 cups of boiling water. You can place this mixture over spills in the fridge, and then close the door. We promise that in 20 minutes any food residue you’re fighting will be easy to clean up.

5 - Storage in the Strangest Places

Did you know that kitchen aprons have use beyond preventing a mess on your special outfit? Why not consider stashing your essential spring-cleaning supplies (that you can find at Dollarwise!) in the pockets. As you go from room to room on your cleaning day, you can use it and hold all the cleaning supplies you need. Not only will this technique leave your hands free to scrub and polish, but you won't have to lug a heavy cleaning bucket around the house.

The Best Prices At Dollarwise

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