4 Ideas to Make Household Cleaning Easier With DollarWise

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Few things are more disturbing to a person’s peace of mind than the daily task of cleaning and tidying a home that, no matter how hard you try, always manages to get dirty again. Anything you can do to make cleaning up every day easier will have a massive impact on improving your quality of life, so consider the following tips to make cleaning your Barbados home easier than it’s ever been!

1- Keep Spray and a Sponge in the Tub

You wake up, get into the shower, and are once again confronted with that awful early morning reminder that you need to scrub your tub. This is no way to start your day.

Because you’ve been reading the Dollarwise blog, instead of dedicating yet another evening to household drudgery, you simply reach for the cleaner and sponge already in the shower, and take 5 minutes out of your morning routine to get the job done!

Because you keep the sponge and cleaner in the shower, moving forward, you routinely spray and wipe down the tub on a regular basis. Considerably less work than binge cleaning, this clean-as-you-go approach means that your days of tub-scrubbing are over!

2- Keep Your Broom Somewhere Visible

Big name toilet paper brands try to convince you of some feature that sets them apart, but ask you to pay considerably more for it! Toilet paper is something a house always needs, so make sure you aren’t overpaying! Skip the hassle of navigating competing brands to find the ones on sale, and come to Dollarwise where you can always expect the lowest prices.

3 - Keep Cleaners and Necessary Tools Together

The task of getting your things together to clean your house may not seem like a major thing, but when every cleaning job requires it every time, the time and effort required to keep the house clean is multiplies.

For example, cleaning your windows requires more than just spraying and wiping them. You have to get the spray, get your cloth, wipe your windows, and put everything back. By keeping all the supplies you need to get a given job done together, you can eliminate the time it takes to gather materials to clean. This make every job around the house easier, but also means we’re more likely to do them more often!

4- Remember it's a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Too often, we binge clean.

We wait and wait and wait until a space gets dirty enough that we simply cannot tolerate its state, and dedicate weekends and evenings to getting the job done. Once we’re done, we’re proud of ourselves, but exhausted. We’ve cleaned so much we can’t imagine doing any more. This allows things to get dirty again, and the cycle repeats.

The key to keeping clean and tidy is to resist the urge to binge-clean, and limit yourself to reasonable and achievable cleaning goals every day. Getting into the habit of tidying up, even just a little, on a regular basis will not only slowly increase the cleanliness of your home, but importantly maintain its clean state!

Keep Clean With Dollarwise

When it comes to supplying yourself with everything you need to keep the house consistently clean in Barbados, there is nowhere better than Dollarwise to get everything you need. Sponges and spray for the bathtub, brooms for the kitchen, cleaner for windows and more; get everything you need for less than you thought at Dollarwise!