3 hacks to make spring cleaning easy and cheap!

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Cleaning the house, especially spring cleaning, is a major pain! Once a year, we prepare ourselves for the deepest clean of the year, dreading the countdown to the day we have to invest in spraying, scrubbing, and sweeping every room.

Spring cleaning doesn't have to be difficult when you have the right materials, and a few clever tricks to make tough jobs easy. Find out with Dollarwise how these spring cleaning jobs can be easier than you ever thought with a few tips and tricks:

1- DIY Easy Clean Shower-Head Kit

Fill a large plastic bag with little baking soda and white vinegar. Place the bag over your showerhead and, using a rubber band, secure it. Turn the hot water on for just a moment to fill the bag, and let it sit for 20-30 minutes.

Not only will this leave your shower head sparkling, but the acidic nature of your vinegar-infused cleaning solution will work wonders on improving the flow of your shower head. Calcified deposits are prone to build up in the parts of your shower head you can't see; soaking them in vinegar will break them down, leaving you with a better flow for your next shower!

2- Steam Clean Without A Steam Cleaner

Got a stubborn carpet or couch stain? If you've tried everything short of a steam cleaner, before you go to rent one, consider this DIY trick!

Wet a Dollarwise wash cloth with two parts water and one part strong white vinegar. Place it flat on top of your stain, and press down on it with a hot iron! Don't keep contact for more than 30 seconds, or you're going to burn your cloth/carpet!

If the stain still won't lift, try sprinkling it with baking soda. Brush the soda in to have it penetrate deep into your carpet fibres, and add a little bit of vinegar. Repeat the steam-cleaning process, and the stain should come right out!

3 - Stubborn Soap Scum Eliminator!

Have gunky soap scum in your tub or shower? If regular Dollarwise cleaners won't do the job, try heading to our kitchen supplies and buying a can of aerosol non-stick cooking spray to do the job!

It might sound odd, but when regular cleaners fail, cooking spray can be just what you need to lift stubborn soap scum. All it takes is liberally spraying down all dirty areas, and allowing it to soak in for 20 minutes to an hour. After this period, a little scrubbing and a rinse should be all it takes to get things clean.

It should be noted that this will leave your tub clean, but also quite slippery! In the interest of safety, its always a good idea to give your tub/shower a once-over with regular spray to ensure that all surfaces are cleared of slippery oil!

Easy Cleaning For Less At Dollarwise

Cleaning isn't fun, but it doesn't have to be difficult. With these tips and a quick trip to Dollarwise, everything you need to make housecleaning a breeze is easily accessible. For more cleaning tips and tricks, keep your eye on the Dollarwise blog!