3 simple yet beautiful wedding decoration ideas

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Do you have a wedding coming up or are you in charge of the wedding decorations for a friend or family member? Weddings can get extremely expensive, there is just so much to pay for and budget for! Decorations are a must when it comes to weddings and they can get expensive depending on the size of the space you are decorating or how many decorations you or the bride or groom want!

 Decorations don’t have to break your budget and shouldn’t be a big worry if you know how to plan for them! Many decorations can be made with items from the dollar store. They will look beautiful and chic and add the final touches to the wedding. The next ideas are a few easy and beautiful decorations ideas. You will learn how to make the perfect reception centre piece, wedding backdrop and home made bouquet! Check out our Pinterest page for many wedding ideas that you can make with affordable dollar store items!

Centre Piece

This idea is super fun to create and plan for. You can get extremely creative with centre pieces and not all have to look alike. Use your imagination and put different items together within a mason jar or basket to create centre pieces of all different shapes and sizes. Here are some fun idea for centre piece items! 

For the base:

  • Mason jar
  • Basket
  • Jar
  • Wood
  • Plate
  • Vase
For the filling:
  • Fake flowers (or real if you buy the flowers day of)
  • Yarn/string
  • Sand or small rocks
  • Seashells

Wedding Backdrop

You can use one of these beautiful backdrops for the actually wedding ceremony, picture backdrop for guests, or just as decoration! These backdrops can add a rustic feel if you use wood or a greenery feel if you use fake vines and leaves. You can create a simple back drop or add an entire wall! Make the outline out of wood or attach the different decoration directly to the wall. You can get extremely creative here! You will need the following;   

Decorative items such as:

  • Fake vines/leaves
  • Fake flowers
  • Sticks
  • Twinkle/small lights
For the outline:
  • Wood pieces
  • String for attaching


There is no need to go all out for the bouquets for the bride and the wedding party! Check out this simple and affordable DIY idea for bouquet bundles.

 First you will need to decide what flowers you want to use for the bouquets! You can mix and match or stick to a theme. Add different lengths of flowers and leaves. All you have to do to keep everything together is to attach the flowers with yarn, string, ribbon or twine. Secure the bouquets of flowers together tightly and tie it with a bow or knot. Remember if you are looking for inspiration stop by at Dollarwise for items!

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