4 Creative Ways To Organize Your Kid's Toys

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Walking through your house, room to room, may feel like your dodging just about everything. From toys, to books, to stuffed animals, and other things your kids leave lying around. No matter how many kids you have, it may seem like they go room to room, taking out everything they own then getting bored and moving to the next room. You may feel like you are spending your time just following them around picking up after them!

Time to get creative with your clean up tasks. There are so many creative ways that you can organize your kid’s things without making it looked cluttered or just pilled in a corner. Some of these ideas can even be a fun way for your kids to get involved in clean up time.

From day to day organization bins, art supply mason jars, a “to do” board and wall organizers, take a look at these next few ideas for some inspiration! Be sure to stop in a Dollarwise for any supplies you may need and don’t forget to check out our Pinterest page for more ideas!

Day to Day Organization Bins

This idea is a great way organize and plan your kid’s day to day activities and outfits. Label each bin with the days of the week, your kids can have fun and decorate each of their signs with different colours and other art supplies. Attach each day of the week to each bin with tape and line them up in a row or on top of each other. In each bin, place sporting equipment if they have a sport that day, craft supplies for a school project, or day to day outfits. This idea is a great way for you and your kids to set up for a week of success and learn great time management skills.

Art Supply Mason Jars

Using mason jars that you can buy at Dollarwise, why not make fun mason jar organization bins. Label the jars with different labels to sort through art supplies. These mason jars can be different sizes to fit the different amounts and sizes of your supplies. These mason jars will help you stay organized and help your kids find what they are looking for right away during craft time.

"To Do" Board

This “to do” bored is a great way for your kids to understand what their tasks are for the week and when they need to have them done by. You can use many different supplies to create these boards! Use a sheet of paper, construction paper, a white board of even a chalk board. First, make a list of things that need to be done and start making fun titles. Under each title make check mark boxes. As the tasks are completed, your kids will have a great time checking things off the list!

Wall Space

If you don't have a lot of space to work with, why not take advantage of the space on your wall! There are so many different ideas for wall organizers. Add shelves for bins or hooks to hang clothes and hats! Divide a section of your wall for each of your kids, this way they will each have their own area to hang their outside clothes or leave their shoes. They will love to have their own area that is just for them. The more you can fit on your walls the more floor space you will have!

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